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ED-SG CrMo 5

MIG (GMAW) wires for creep resisting steels

Quality ED-SG CrMo 5
Classification DIN EN ISO 21952-A G CrMo5Si
Material No. 1.7373
Classification AWS A5.28 ER80S-B6
Approvals -
Characteristics and application MIG/GMAW wire for high temperature creep resistant 5%Cr0.5%Mo ferritic steel, i.e. P5. The 5%Cr-0.5%Mo creep resistant alloy is used for service up to ~600°C particularly in environments involving hot hydrogen gas. Typical applications are found in oil refineries.
Base materials For matching 5%Cr-0.5%Mo creep resisting ferritic steels.
X12CrMo5, GX12CrMo5
ASTM: A182/A336 grade F5, A199/A213 grade T5, A217 grade C5, A234 grade WP5, A335 grade P5, A387 grade 5
Typical analysis in %
C: 0,08
Si: 0,35
Mn: 0,55
Cr: 6,00
Mo: 0,65
Yield strength in Mpa ≥ 450
Tensile strength in Mpa ≥ 570
Elongation in % 4d/5d: ≥17
Charpy-V-Value (ISO-V) in J RT ≥ 100
Other products SAW: UP-99 CrMo 5