FLIESS Welding consumables - Strong with strong partners

When manufacturing our welding consumables the aim is to meet both environmental and economic business objectives. We are committed to reducing environmental impact in terms of resource consumption, emissions and waste generation.

Conserving water resources, minimising the amount of waste water, and disposing of sewage is of great importance in addition to the careful handling of water-polluting substances in the plants. To this end, considerable expense for precautionary measures at the plant, e.g. impounding basins or double-walled plant components, are budgeted. The thorough training of all employees who handle water-polluting substances also plays a central role.

The water-polluting substances used in the production process are neutralised in our waste water treatment plant and supplied to the municipal sewage treatment plant as treated waste water. This waste water quantity has been reduced by 80% in recent years through the continuous improvement of production processes and treatment. The fresh water supply for industrial use and circulation cooling of the machinery from the operating wells was halved over the same period.

Noise and air pollution control are among the key tasks of environmental protection, as they have a direct, positive impact on the vicinity of the production plants. To improve the noise situation, all new operating facilities are designed to produce less noise and existing plant components are upgraded accordingly. Air pollution does not occur due to the processes involved in the production of solid wires.

The energy consumption during production and maintenance is continuously minimised. To this end, constructive measures such as the improved insulation of the façade and roof surfaces are provided for in order to reduce environmental heat transfer. The lighting technology is optimised in terms of energy-saving lamps, and more efficient drive systems and intelligent control systems are used. Training, and not least the will of our employees, help the company to reduce energy consumption.

We openly and comprehensively communicate the environmental impact of our production with our customers, suppliers, employees and authorities at all times.