UP-100 Ni3 (S2Ni3)
SAW (submerged arc welding) wires for low temperature service

Classification DIN EN ISO

14171-A S2Ni3

Material No.


Classification AWS

A5.23 ENi3


TÜV 03275, CE

Characteristics and application

Submerged arc welding of fine grain structural steel where high impact values are required.

Base materials

For cryogenic construction steels and Ni bearing low temperature steels.
ASTM: A203 grades D/E/F, A333/A334 grades 3/7, A350 grade LF3/LF5, A352 grade LC3

Typical analysis in %

C: 0,09
Si: 0,17
Mn: 1,05
Ni: 3,20

Typical heat treatment

Preheat and PWHT are often not necessary but actual requirements will depend on the grade and thickness of material being welded and any design codes that apply.